Member colleges represent the entire state of Georgia, including public, private, 2-year, 4-year, and HBCUs.
Truett McConnell University
TMU Bears
We will be focusing on SMITE and Counter Strike: Global Offensive for our games starting out. We would love to have you become a part of the TMU family by joining the Competitive Gaming team. WE HAVE SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE for our players to help them use gaming as a way to secure their education. Go Bears!
Morris Brown College
Maroon Tiger Gaming
Maroon Tiger Gaming is a student ran esports and media program whose mission is to provide community, scholarships, and esports opportunities for the students at Morehouse College.
Emory University
Mercer University
We're in the process of recruiting members and building our program. We hope to participate in across several titles within the next year.
University of West Georgia
UWG Wolves
UWG has developed a thriving on-campus Esports community and will enter the competitive varsity ranks for the first time this year. In addition to building the team, UWG is also constructing practice and playing areas on campus, including arena-style competition venues. Esports teams are taking shape now, and should begin participating in League of Legends tournaments as early as Spring of 2022.
University of Georgia
Our mission is to provide an infrastructure for competitive gaming teams at UGA as well as to organize and compete against other colleges. We strive to create a safe, friendly, and fun gaming community for every type of gamer--whether PC or console, competitive or casual.
Ogeechee Technical College
OTC Diamonds
Out To Conquer’s mission is to provide an enjoyable, social space for the many game and video game players of all skill levels and interests at Ogeechee Technical College through networking and organized events to promote the growth of the gaming and esports community and provide camaraderie between all gamers.
Kennesaw State University
Welcome to the Esports Program at KSU, a collection of intercollegiate competitive teams, events for students, campus resources, and a growing social community all geared towards esports. Check out the sections to the left to learn more about the program, our teams, the Esports Club, and other ways you can connect with the Esports Program. Whether you're an avid gamer or just someone looking to explore the online gaming community, you've come to the right place. Game on, KSU.
Georgia State University
Georgia State is organizing practice suites and a venue for tournament play and offering a small number of scholarships to supplement HOPE awards for those qualifying for National Association of Collegiate Esports tournament play. Orientation sessions and competitions to fill team slots with the most talented players are on-going.
Georgia Institute of Technology
GT Swarm
Georgia Tech Esports is among the largest organizations on campus since its formation over a decade ago. Our mission is to continue our support of the growing competitive electronic sports scene and technology culture of Georgia Tech while maintaining our campus position as one of the top schools in the world in competitive gaming.
Columbus State
Brewton-Parker College
BPC Esports offers athletics scholarships for Rocket League, Smash, and Madden and will be adding Valorant, League of Legends, and iRacing as titles in the future. We provide a dedicated arena, title-specific coaches, and a competitive team atmosphere. Because we are under the athletics umbrella, our students are treated just like every other athlete on campus, complete with practice schedules, team meals, events, workouts, and GPA requirements.